Nadiah's Reflection

(I) Plenary Sessions
(A) My key learning points from each session…
1. Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean
 We should try to save as much water as we can and not take things for granted. For example, there are other countries around the world which do not have clean water and their water source came from seawage and factories wastes. When this water is consumed by humans, it will lead to different diseases such as cholera, typhoid fever and brainerd diarrhoea. Hence, water is scarce and we should try to save water by applying the 3Rs such as reuse, reduce and recycle.

2. Revolution of Microelectronics Technology
Electronics is found in a wide diverse. The integrated circuits are developed in 1958 or known as the first I/C. Electronics are pervasive which enables entertainment, medicine, transportation and communication. Some examples of microelectronics technology are camera pill, brain implant and complex car design . The revolution of microelectronics technology have different components such as Bio, Radio, Auto, Info, Nano, H20, Audio, Video and m.c two which produces brainwave. Hence, electronics is the fundamental of everything.

3. Biomedical Engineering & Technology

Nano-Science means the design and fabrication of nano-materials. There are different components to it such as nano-technology, bio-technology and defence technology. I learnt that the smaller the size is for a fixed volume, the larger surface area it has. Biomedical engineering and technology is therefore important in all aspects of occupation.

4. IT for Animation by Prof Seah Hock Soon

I learnt that animation uses a lot of IT and needs someone to be an a computer expert. Animation can be interpreted as a form of storytelling and it is based on creativity. There are different types of animations such as 2-D and 3-D. There are different steps being carried out before the final product. One animation skill would be stop motion.

5. Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is even more important than
you think

I learnt that sea-level rise would not be the same everywhere. It is dependent on the distance from the glaciers. There are also ‘self-attraction and loading’ from melting glaciers. For example, there are more gravitational attraction near a glacier. Hence, sea level rise will be the highest farthest from the glaciers.

(B) Deepest impression…
The plenary session that leaves the deepest impression on me is the “ Innovative breakthroughs in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology.  What I like about it is how biomedical engineering and technology can be broaden to many other research of study such as bio-technology, nano-technology and defence-technology. Nano-technology can be used to change colour of eye contact lenses and use for cleaning water. This talk is also interesting as it gives me an overview of how small a nano can be and how this are applied to real life application.